Town of Remington

The Remington Main Street meets at 5:30 pm the third Thursday of every month at the Tobias Center in the Remington Library. The Main Street is responsible for the vision behind the Downtown Revitalization Plan. Takes care of the annual Christmas decorations, summer flowers and hosts the Remington Ride every fall. Main Street is currently also working to update the town signs on State Road 231 and 24. Area residents are welcomed and encouraged to attend. 
Remington, located in Jasper County in northwestern Indiana, has a population of 1,170 and median age of 39.8. The town was founded in 1860 as Carpenter Station and consisted of 10 houses, a general store and a railway station. The first term of school was taught the same year. The town name changed to Remington in 1861 when William Remington opened his general store.

Early industry in Remington was based around agriculture and distribution, which is still true today although business ventures have since diversified. Remington is home to a mix of industrial and manufacturing as well as office and commercial businesses. The largest employers in town are FBI Buildings, Impact Omni, Industrial Pallet, Irving Materials, Solae LLC, Remington Hybrids and Monsanto, which collectively employ more than 500 residents of Remington.

Remington has a history of strong community and civic involvement.  The Tri-Kappa Sorority, founded in1963, supports arts and education in the tri-county area. The local Lions Club organizes and support holiday events and fund scholarships for Tri-County High School seniors as does the American Legion, founded circa 1940. Masonic Temple members support the local food bank and the Women’s Crisis Center.

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