Remington/Wolcott residents and leaders have embraced the opportunity to develop a place that is welcoming for future residents and employers. Together, under the direction of The Remington Wolcott Community Development Commission, the towns have laid forward a vision to enhance the quality of life for current residents as well as future residents and business owners, both small and industrial in nature.
Current plans include:
  • Revitalizing the downtown areas with improved streets, walkways, lighting and gateway signage and character-building elements
  • Developing funding and training opportunities that support small businesses
  • Building integrated housing options that complement the existing town structure to better attract a variety of new residents at every life stage
  • Establishing more niche retail in the downtown areas, such as a bakery, pharmacy, car wash and ice cream parlor
  • Developing a retail corridor along I-65 for franchise retail outlets
  • Maintaining conservation areas along the U.S. 24/231 corridor that provide natural walkways and biking trails between the two towns
  • Encouraging co-op businesses for current residents, such as a day care and a farmer’s market
  • Building recreational and wellness facilities, including a trails network along Carpenters Creek, improved and expanded parks, and a fitness center
  • Interspersing public gathering places with neighborhoods
  • Developing educations and recreational activities that highlight the natural environment of the area, including the wooded slopes, wetlands and meadowlands surrounding the two towns
  • Creating opportunities for youth and seniors that strengthen the personal and civic bonds between residents and between towns.
Three Committees you can get involved with:
  • Economic Vitality
  • Sustainable Quality of Life
  • Functional Infrastructure