Input needed for rental survey


Community input is needed for a survey on area rental housing.

Sara DeYoung, executive director of the Remington Wolcott Community Development Corporation, said housing is a multifaceted issue for Remington and Wolcott.

"Older homes in the area that are in need of a complete overhaul or are too small for the current homebuyer. There are rental properties, but many times these are older as well, without the upgrades young professionals would like or that retirees and empty nesters want to enjoy."

Because of the area's small population it's also difficult for developers justify the risk on new construction. The potential return on investment is much more long term and smaller than in larger more urban area. In order to better understand the rental housing market, an online survey has been created and will be available until June 4. The survey will assist with the development of additional rental housing specifically in Remington but also in the I-65 State Road 24 corridor.

 "This survey is vital to developers and will really help our organization as well, to determine how the market can be shaped," said DeYoung.

She added that RWCDC understands the relationship between community development and economic development. She said while downtown improvements and park plans increase the appeal of a community and while there may also be jobs in an area, there also needs to be housing that accommodates a variety of needs and expectations.

 "In order to attract quality talent, quality professionals and retain some of our great youth, we need to be able to offer a few different housing options. They may not be ready to own a home but still want quality housing while they build their lives."

The survey link can be found at the end of this article. It will also be available through the Remington Wolcott Community Development Corporation Facebook page.  The survey will be available until June 4.

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