About Us

When the Tri-County School Board identified a need to increase enrollment in 2006, it also recognized the challenge of decreasing population levels across the communities it served. A School Board commissioned study by Purdue University determined the communities of Remington and Wolcott needed to proactively seek business and residential growth in order to avoid school consolidation.

As a result of the study, the communities developed the Tri-County Community Development (TCCD) board to begin taking action on the research findings. The directives were to capitalize strengths and develop opportunities around the following objectives:
  • Grow enrollment in the Tri-County School Corporation by 200 students in 5 years
  • Attract ~75 families to the Remington-Wolcott area in 5 years
  • Retain existing families and individuals to the Remington-Wolcott area
  • Grow populations in both Remington and Wolcott to absorb the increasing cost of operating the towns
  • Increase the value of housing through increased demand
  • Increase customer base for retailers

A second Purdue University study in 2007, led by Professor Kim Wilson, provided insight into and development strategies for growth in each community as well as in the areas surrounding and between them. An additional marketing strategy, together with the results of the Purdue University study, led to the reorganization of the TCCD as the Remington Wolcott Community Development Corporation in 2008.
Remington and Wolcott were each named Main Street communities in 2010 which is significant because the designation qualifies the towns to apply for Revitalization Grant Funding through the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs. The Main Streets operate underneath the umbrella of RWCDC which ensures that each town is a part of the shared vision for the area while retaining and defining their own identity.
In 2016 RWCDC achieved a major accomplishment, bringing a medical provider into the area. The organization, with the help of the Town of Wolcott, White County, a loan from White Carroll REMC, and grant funding, purchased a former doctor's office in downtown Wolcott which is leased to Purdue North Central Nursing Clinics. The purchase of the building by RWCDC accomplished several things; established medical care provider in the area, brought business and people into the downtown area, and created more financial stability for RWCDC.
RWCDC is a nonprofit organization that works with several different entities in the community. It is supported by contributions from the towns and fundraising events, including the Back Road 5K and bike race. RWCDC supports the two Main Street Organizations for Remington and Wolcott through collaborative events, trainings and outreach. Through the Executive Director and Board Members, RWCDC works with organizations and local governments in the area. 
RWCDC recently moved its meeting date and time to 5:30 pm EST the second Tuesday of every month. Contact us to be included on the email reminder list.